Some of you may have noticed the announce made on the well known linuxfr website, but there will be an Ubuntu party near Toulouse (in Blagnac) next saturday. During this party, you will be able to:

  • install Ubuntu on your computer. People from Ubuntu-fr and Toulibre will be delighted to help you in installing our favourite OS.
  • Assist to conference about Ubuntu and FOSS in general.
  • Talk about Ubuntu and FOSS
  • Buy goodies 🙂

I will give three presentations (damn, I have to finish my slides!): “What’s New in Ubuntu 8.10”, “Ubuntu at Home and at Work” and “Contributing to Ubuntu” with Christophe (Ubuntu-fr president). I will post my the slides when they are ready and photos.

You can find on Toulibre website all the details about the event.

Hope to see you on saturday!

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