I have just discovered during the last days that MSN was filtering the content of the messages we sent. On his blog, Nion explains in details what’s going on. To make it brief, we can’t send anymore URL/mail addresses that ends with “.info”. Sadly, my domaines ends with… “.info”. I don’t use too much MSN, but that’s annoying…
For people who still use MSN, it’s time to move to a better alternative. Who said Jabber? 🙂

2 thoughts on “MSN Filtering

  1. Hum, I already experienced blocked messages containing “download.php”… never tested with download.asp though, if the real reason of this censorship was user protection (which in itself is a discutable argument), MSN should block it too…well I doubt it.

    Anyway, I think I came across a webpage recensing banned words in MSN, but I can’t find it again (too many google hits!).

    But be sure that this censorship is only for the user safety, and not to reduce her liberties. Euh, is it?

  2. I have just one question :
    Why MSN does not allow to sens URLs/email adresses with “.info” ?
    Lionel did you talk badly about Microsoft ?

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