I guess everybody has already read it, but Ubuntu has released a new release : 8.04 (8 for 2008, 4 for april). Note that this release is a LTS release (Ubuntu and Ubuntu Server only, Kubuntu and orther derivates are not ong term surpport release). As a result, you can upgrade from Ubuntu 7.10 (aka Gutsy) and 6.06.2 (aka Dapper).

I run 8.04 on my laptop and on my personal servers for several months now, and it run quite well. This bug on Ubuntu Kernel made my life at work a bit more difficult, but it should hopefully be fixed in 8.04.1 (due july 3rd).

Now, it’s time to be intrepid!

4 thoughts on “Mandatory Ubuntu 8.04 LTS release post

  1. OK I’ll upgrade my laptop and servers then. Hope it will be OK for the RAID driver of my Dell PowerEdge 2950 servers.

  2. Hi JB!

    We use several Dell PowerEdge 2950 (with Perc6 RAID adapter) and everything run smoothly. I have not upgraded yet my Perc5 driver, but I’m quite confident.

  3. Hi Lionel! I just got my Poweredge 2950 servers, and I was wondering if you could provide a little bit more details on the perc setup, and the ubuntu server 8.04 setup. From your comment I guess it was pretty straightforward. Any insight you can provide?


  4. narendra garg

    can i install in my normal pc ubuntu 8.04 LTS

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